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Image by: Egypt-based Muhammad Algalad

Image by: Egypt-based Muhammad Algalad




(Check out his amazing work! This is just one of my favorites)


Clouded Vision

With Opaque eyes,
And clouded vision
Masks conceal
Disguised derision.
Emotional absence,
Betrayal by friends,
Veiled serenity
and silent sins.
Rage endures
through fears denied.
Shallow obsessions,
illusions lied.
Hypnotic rhythm,
Passionate sighs,
Lascivious grace
and lustful lies.
Virtue forsaken
Despair is past
Etched in the silence
of broken glass.
Spirit deceived,
blinded by flames,
familiar ghosts
Still play at the game.

© Kathryn Elizabeth Green 2013
All rights reserved


No time today to write today, on my way to get my car serviced… ugh! Don’t you just HATE to have to pay $300.oo to get your filters changed, tires rotated, etc.  Thank goodness it isn’t required often!  I love my little car, so I’m not saying it isn’t worth it or that the mechanic’s time and expertise aren’t worth paying for….  I’m merely saying, as a female, I can think of a lot more ways I’d like to spend $300 if I were allowed to…LOL


Cars are like children I guess…. They come first, before our own desires…


Hope you all check out my featured artist as he is super talented! You can get more information on his site, & if you’re a writer…. perhaps you could persuade him to do some cover art for you. :D


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14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pride in Photos Photography
    Jun 12, 2014 @ 12:34:33

    Yes, I think it is tough for a woman to put money in her car….I mean bling is so much more important right my friend? Why can’t the cars just go without us having to attend to them☺


  2. jasmindamaro
    Jun 11, 2014 @ 15:08:48

    sehr schoene malerreinen


  3. Raani York
    Jun 09, 2014 @ 21:17:56

    I love the artwork as well as the poem.
    As for the $300: Sometimes it just HAS to be. *chuckle*


  4. John J. Rigo, Texas' Poet and Commentator
    Jun 03, 2014 @ 01:08:12

    Some blues this evening in remembering other times in my life. Thought I say “Hi.”


    • kelihasablog
      Jun 10, 2014 @ 13:21:31

      Oh John, I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to get back to you sooner! I hope you are feeling better today! It is just so difficult for me to be able to find time to help car for my mother, work on her legal case – (VERY time consuming), have time with my hubby, and try to do the things necessary around here to be able to get my house ready to sell.
      I will be back by your blog today sometime, hopefully so! Your writing is so good… and informative as well. Sending prayers and blessings your way! <3


  5. laurie27wsmith
    May 22, 2014 @ 21:23:31

    A great piece Keli and I love the art. You could spend that $300 on shoes. :-)


  6. Heartafire
    May 22, 2014 @ 15:00:16



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