Has our Life really become just an inconsequential Blur?


Has our life really become just a BLUR??????? IMGP1247

I have been so busy lately with moving everyone in the free world it seems like, and now trying to get my own house painted and any problems corrected so I can hopefully buy my house in the country as soon as possible.  I’ve lived here for 30 years and over that time it has gone from being on the outskirts of town to being right smack dap in the center of Way To Many schools, stores, and people.  I tend to be more of a small town girl with much less hustle and bustle… LOL

Today, as always it seems lately, I only have a few minutes, so I’ll post today and try to get back tomorrow and read and comment on my friends blogs. It’s just that it takes me hours and hours to do that, and I don’t have much time on the days I go check on, and help, my mother.


Judgement Day

Silence is best acquainted with sin
a quest for thoughts ending badly,
in this vile world’s sad interim,
stands Life and Reality, madly.

Impassioned, with a gaze concealed,
my soul, my weakness, my own,
are familiar ghosts that know my heart,
and hear the questions alone …

Sweet gallantry has not lived as yet ,
for passion on the edge of doom,
it abides to falter Time’s lonely fool,
as Light becomes Darkness by noon.

Your Cruelty has a sordid face
that slashes across the soul
words lie voiceless at your feet
your Reality’s very old.

Life knows not a greater sin
than Pity and Despair
I’m not a critic of you sir
so please, don’t judge me unfair.

© Kathryn Elizabeth Green 2013
All rights reserved


Love from PhotoBucket

Personal thoughts/opinions on Life:

Congratulations to CALIFORNIA CHROME for winning the Kentucky Derby!!!!!!  

I love horses, but the story of this particular horse & it’s owners just warms my heart. They actually LOVE this little horse and think of him as part of the family.  He has never been just a “money making venture” with no personal involvement from it’s owners like many of the race horses.  Besides the BEAUTY and the HEART of this horse, it’s the American dream personified. The trainer is 77 years old, the mother cost 6,000 and the father 2,500 or so. He won all the races necessary to get to the Kentucky Derby (no small feat that) and then blew away everyone but his family with his STUNNING win!  I hope that there is someone in Hollywood that still believes in the American dream & Faith who is willing to chance making a movie about CALIFORNIA CHROME.  His entire story from Racing to Family, and to Faith is just AMAZING and Heart Warming!

*** IMG_3771

I think every politician (or person really, since it’s just my opinion) who thinks that BENGHAZI was NOT a POLITICAL move is out of their freaking mind.  (Remember, it’s only my opinion) But if you, or I in this case, remember that all the PINK SLIPS telling people they were about to lose their jobs were held until AFTER the election and the Federal govt. assured the companies that they, the Fed. Govt. would cover any legal costs that might happen to be incurred by such action, remember all the difficulty trying to get to the bottom of the FAST AND FURIOUS gun running operation…. that the American Public has NO idea was going on… and still haven’t gotten any answers on that, The IRS Scandal & LIES targeting CONSERVATIVES, or TEA PARTY ORGANIZATIONS, or ANYONE who happened to be obviously against the current Administration at the time…. still, no one take accountability, no one fired, it’s not stopped, only now TEA PARTY members are called TERRORISTS ????  While I’m not a Tea Party member or a Republican, I AM an AMERICAN with a brain and don’t appreciate any leader of any party calling American people who are espousing their Faith or Family values terrorists!!!!!!  I look at the issue, the people involved with the issue, their history, World History if it’s pertinent and the Moral Conduct & Character of the people involved before I vote for something. I have voted for Republicans & Democrats in the past, but do not consider myself a member of ANY group… Maybe an Independent, since I don’t fall into any set category. Anyway…. and NOW they try to convince us the didn’t lie about Benghazi????  If you could see the huge stack of emails and memos with 90% of the information redacted, perhaps you’d question it too.  It’s ridiculous… It’s been almost 2 years now… I personally don’t understand how these people (those involved with the cover up or those helping to try to maintain the cover up) can actually look at themselves in the mirror.   I have NOTHING against our Chief, other than I disagree with most of his actions, but that doesn’t mean I think he doesn’t believe in what he’s doing…. I do believe he is trying very hard to achieve his agenda… it just happens to be diametrically opposed to mine…. but that is just a difference of opinions or philosophies.   I admit, I do have TRUST issues with people whom I have caught blatantly lying, or all the evidence points to them lying or trying to cover something up if they have DONE NOTHING WRONG… but maybe that’s just me. I believe in HONESTY, though in my heart, I think (probably true) that there just aren’t any truly HONEST World Leaders these days. Seems logical to me that they would of course, like ours, be doggedly trying to establish their own agenda at any cost.  The TRULY SAD PART to me, is that usually that is at the expense of so many innocent people, children, etc.  So YES, I think that if it were THEIR children, (Hillary’s, Obama’s, & every other person involved in these political machinations, THEN THEY WOULD WANT THE TRUTH ASAP… not meant to be picking on Hillary or Obama) As a parent, sibling, or loved one of ANYONE murdered, KIA or by any other means, YOU WOULD WANT TO KNOW WHAT TRULY HAPPENED, NOT A BASKET FULL OF LIES & REDACTED MEMOS

IMG_5543(Rain, rain, rain)

Oh gosh, I need to hurry, time is running out….


My Heart goes out to all those in the Ukraine (or any other area of unrest, like Nigeria). It must be ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING. To feel you have NO control over your own life, choices, decisions, or Beliefs would be mind numbing to most “real” people.

MY OPINION ONLY, BUT TO KIDNAP  ALMOST TWO HUNDRED NIGERIA SCHOOL GIRLS, what’s up with that?? To me, that screams that they people who did this chose female children to “fight” with, rather than grown people who oppose what they’ve done. RELEASE THOSE GIRLS IMMEDIATELY…. My personal opinion, which is only that, my personal opinion…. is that by keeping the girls you make yourself and your cause, whatever it is, look WEAK. Anyone can fight children…. it’s generally called bullying. How would like like your opposition to kidnap YOUR family? Oh, well…. I’m sorry for all those girls and their families!!!!!!! I pray something is done immediately do get them returned to their families. Any Politician… regardless of Country, who does not actively step in to annihilate these types of behaviors/actions,  has no self respect… (in my opinion only) I understand you must plan and be careful, but that shouldn’t take a month or more…. should it???????


Gotta stop there for now… I do hate politics, and I hate blogging about my frustrations, but since it IS my blog, I think writing about it helps me cope with all the Evil that surrounds us. I don’t care what religion you are, or aren’t, but for me personally, I truly wish there could be Honesty, Truth, Faith and Hope.


My Strength is made Perfect in Weakness.  2 Corinthians 12:9

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. laurie27wsmith
    May 06, 2014 @ 03:03:01

    I bet you feel much better now. ;-)


  2. marcelo leonard
    May 05, 2014 @ 20:51:36

    Please Keli keep struggling, this world needs honest people like you to dispel the darkness of poverty, injustice and war that envelops us.

    I have learned silence from the talkative,
    toleration from the intolerant,
    and kindness from the unkind; yet, strange,
    I am ungrateful to those teachers.
    Khalil Gibran


    • kelihasablog
      May 07, 2014 @ 00:43:26

      Thank you Marcelo! You always send me such encouraging words and wisdom! We are kindred spirits I think Marcelo, only you’re a way better photographer and artist than I am… (smiles..) Have a Blessed week my friend! :D


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