Hold fast to your Dreams and son’t become hopelessly enslaved…

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
~ Goethe



“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.”

~Langston Hughes

If I could hold Sorrow…


If Palms could hold Sorrow

If palms could hold sorrow
then who would hold mine?
Bold lies of intention
as dark, masked eyes shine.

The sadness melts slowly
through un-noticed turns
’cause memories then alter
the Soul as it burns.

Inspired by Wisdom
or conjured by Charm
your heart shall be empty
should you wield Sorrow’s harm.

© Kathryn Elizabeth Green 2014
All Rights Reserved


We’ve had 2 full days of pouring rain so I’ve been stuck home alone (never a good thing..LOL) cuz my hubby had to use my car for the past 3 days…  I tried to post yesterday, but was having all kinds of difficulty…. Is it me or did they make some changes to how you post? It could be just me, I’ve been pretty tired lately trying to get all the evidence together for my Mom’s case. Thus far I have 3 big fat notebooks full of medical, financial & legal information.  Now…. I’m just waiting to talk to someone about it, it may not really be worth it.  Perhaps it’s vengeance I’m feeling, but I don’t think so…  I know I can be naive and I hold others to the same standards I hold myself and my children (both grown), so I’m always shocked when I run across someone who is the total opposite.  I just think that since there IS a law on the books about what my step brothers did to my mom, and it clearly explains it’s illegal, I just feel they should get in trouble and have to give the money back. They are still lying to investigators, but lying doesn’t make it true. If I broke the law, I know I’d be in trouble.  I’d like to see me trying to tell a police officer that since I didn’t know what “STOP” meant, it was okay for me to drive right through. (an example)  Most of you know my step-dad & mom were married for 32 years, (my dad died when I was young) and for the last 7 or 8 years my step-dad’s Alzheimer’s/Dementia has been getting worse.  He cashed in all his insurance policies about a year before he died cuz he said he couldn’t spend it if he waited till he was dead. You know, they don’t always think clearly, and often are child like in how they view the world. (I won’t go into all that), but my step-brothers stole all of the money from the bank that was suppose to go to my mother (it wasn’t a whole lot cuz he had no retirement). They were so ugly to her…. told her they were leaving her ONE penny. After all the years of her taking care of him and loving him. When she fell a year or so ago she had a stroke, concussion, ad to have surgery, lost her hearing in one ear and lost her balance.  She can’t walk unassisted anymore. I do want them punished and I want them to have to give the money back that should have gone to her.  Am I being wrong?




These guys were not afraid of people at all… guess they were hungry.  Wonder what they were eating?



This is the picture of the water fall setting turned on, but I had no tripod.


Same waterfall but on regular setting… weird huh.  I guess I’ll have to break down and read the directions..LOL


just because I like this one…


“There is no end.
There is no beginning.
There is only the infinite passion
of life.
~Frederico Fellini


Just if anyone is interested.. I found this really cool site where you can get bracelets for $5.00 each. They send a portion ($1.00) I think to the cause.  Also besides supporting your cause (SEE THEM LISTED BELOW), you are helping to provide jobs for the people of their home country.  I bought several of the Breast Cancer ones because as a Cancer survivor, that is a cause I personally support.  I’m NOT asking you to buy one… I get nothing from it because I waited till the 24 hours is up… I just thought I’d share because I liked them!


Allergy and Asthma Awareness
ALS Disease Awareness
Alcohol Abuse Awareness
Alzheimer’s Awareness
American Heart Association
Anxiety Disorder
Autism Awareness
Breast Cancer
Bipolar Disorder
Celiac Disease
Congenital Heart Defects
Crohn’s Disease
COPD Awareness
Cystic Fibrosis Disease
Downs Syndrome
Epilepsy Awareness

A flibbertigibbet ????



“The greatest way to live with honor in this world

is to be

what we pretend to be.”





Distorted truth
translucent harm
degenerate soul,
full of darkest charm.

Unvarnished lies
disturbed by thought
whispered, not spoken
hidden, not sought.

invisible pain,
unveiled regrets,
desolation masked,
as hearts forget.

Like shattered glass,
the familiar light
of promises frozen,
escape the night.

(c) Kathryn Elizabeth Green

All rights reserved


“When you cease to dream, you cease to live.”

~Malcolm S. Forbes



(All photos are mine…. most were taken in the Smokies a few weeks ago, but the weeping angel is not far from where my father is buried here in town. Obviously, I need to get a tripod cuz I can’t hold the camera still long enough.)







“I am free, no matter what rules surround me….

I am free because I know that I alone

am morally responsible for everything I do.”

~Robert Heinlein


Baby Elephant(A cute little baby elephant from the Cincinnati Zoo about 10 or 12 years ago on a school trip)


It wasn’t me!!!!


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES(I wanted to buy these little guys, but hubby said no way..LOL)


Insignificant Squirt

Mr. Nobody,

Oh, you know him ….

He’s the guy who lives in the closet,

or hides beneath the bed.

Why yes,

I believe he was the one who followed you on your first date,

hiding on the floorboard just behind your seat

waiting to pop up and yell ARGGGG

while you’re stopped at the light.

I begged him to eat my brussle sprouts once,

but he wouldn’t.

So I had to ……

He was my best friend as a child,

and would often intercede on my behalf

if someone was mad

like my brother or my mom,

or something went wrong

and got broken playing in the house.

He was impervious to pain,

so his feelings never got hurt,

and his behind never turned RED.

I’m not sure really,

when he left….

for good that is.


I think if I concentrate very hard,

I can still feel his invisibility.

© 2013 Kathryn Elizabeth Green

all rights reserved


(I think every child has a Mr. Nobody growing up…. the guy who gets the blame when you/a child, deny the responsibility for something caused by your actions.  I’ve heard that he has moved to Washington DC now and lives in the White House.  I think I can tell just by listening to the news, that he has been a very busy fellow.)



They had the prettiest wind chimes there too & I thought I’d be able to go back and

get at least one, but no such luck…. (pouting) Never go shopping with a man!


Davy Crockett’s Tennessee Moonshine… WOO HOO

(Do you realize that there are a lot of kids under 25 who have NO CLUE who Davy Crockett was?)


This was on an apron… LOL  I should have bought this for sure, but didn’t.



(Inside Davy Crockett’s store… Very cool store! I REALLY wanted to try that moonshine)




Well, obviously, this little fella has visited a taxidermist, but while we were going through Cades Cove, there was a mother bear and her two little cubs coming out of the woods, crossing the road and moving out into the central plain area. (Which is surrounded by mountains) I was actually surprised at the number of people who got out of their car and RAN toward the bears to see about getting a photo.  Geez, guess they didn’t realize that the bears were wild, not tame…. and there is nothing worse than a mama Black Bear protecting her cubs. I do believe most, if not all, of these people were REAL tourists who didn’t know any better.  That’s sorta like running toward a volley of gun shots, instead of staying away. Why look for trouble???

The story of Cades Cove is really an interesting one and I’ll try to do a blog on it’s history one day soon. Some of the old churches are left and some cool old graveyards…. there are still some of the original cabins too I believe, thought I just didn’t have time to go back to look for the cabins, but got some shots of a couple of the churches and graveyards.  I think the government bought out the small community in the early 1920’s or so, but not positive of the year. It was a small community (less than 1500 people if I recall correctly) located on the flat plains area surrounded by the mountains.  It’s truly beautiful….


“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice; it’s not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” ~ Winston Churchill




Going around the edge of Cades Cove.



Poetry and more photography


“Creativity comes from looking for the unexpected and stepping outside your own experience.” – Masaru Ibuka

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES(This poor little fella had obviously had a bad day. )


Pink Mountain Laurel…  The woods were filled with the pink & the white.



“Live by choice, not by chance.

Make changes, not excuses.

Be motivated, not manipulated.

Work to excel, not to compete.

Choose to listen to your inner voice,

not the jumbled opinions of everyone else.”

~ Quotes Mantra




I just love purple flowers


Smokey Mountain flora


The Death of a Broken Doll 

Death of the undeserving,

death of a china doll,

porcelain face now shattered,

broken from the fall.

Now she’ll keep her silence,

words from lips won’t fall,

Death for our Cinderella,

now there’ll be no ball.

Words cut deep like daggers,

blood given free to flow,

escape from the painful shadows,

dragging hearts in tow.

© copyright Kathryn Elizabeth Green 2012



Black, White, Poetry, Photography and Perception

I went to the Great Smoky Mountains last week for a quick vacation & some hiking so I wasn’t able to post or get around and read Blogs. Since I took a million pictures, I’ll post a few pictures each day as I can. I took 3 completely different cameras so that I could play around with them to see which I liked best, besides… I don’t want to bore you with too many pictures at one time & they are such a pain to size.


















Emotionally absent and distant Souls
thought dead and gone to hell.
Sit huddled in the darkness still
like a cat without it’s bell.
As Death sneaks up to steal a Soul
to add to his collection,
the demons of your childhood dreams
provide you no protection.
We are the same, yet not the same,
for Life isn’t by design,
a bond of Love and Devotion shared
constructed over time.
Pure Love is such a fragile thing
from within a person’s soul,
a soft concern that can’t be faked
or transpire, ’cause you’ve been told.
While Life can star you in the eye
and yet you cannot See.
It waits there still to let you know
that Faith can set you free.
(c) Kathryn Elizabeth Green 2014
copyrighted, all rights reserved


Sitting around in a group,

discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed,

and who was responsible,

usual consensus….. no one.

View from our Balcony

View from our Balcony


Ramblings of a transparent Soul…

“If you do not expect the unexpected you will not find it, for it is not to be reached by search or trail.”  Heraclitus


Hello everyone

(this is my big outside cat begging me for more food..LOL)


I’ve spend the last couple of days trying to read and catch up on reading and commenting on everyone’s blog.  I’m sure I’ve probably missed some, but my time is so limited.

This will be a strange post I imagine because there will just be little tidbits that have just traveled through my head (which is about to split open at the moment) over the last week or two.


1. When I was in school, we learned that ONE is ONE, not FIVE = ONE. I know I’ve been sorta out of the mainstream a lot lately, but I thought we had a “no negotiations” policy …. be you military or just civilian taken for whatever reason.  Guess not… I still don’t think FIVE, especially those particular FIVE, was a good exchange for ONE questionable person. (I won’t go into rumors)


2. What’s up with all those children flooding in the the United States without their parents???  I realize that many are there because their parents are trying to keep them away from the cartels, but they obviously don’t know that it’s just as dangerous to send unaccompanied child/children to the United States. I guess they weren’t considering the child molesters, child sex rings, kiddy porn, & on and on… are here.  We have gangs here too… not called cartels, but still potentially very dangerous situations to send your child into without supervision… (but that’s just me… and I have a headache so could, not be thinking straight)


3. Elections…. some have gone by, some still coming up…. but in my opinion, the US has been put into a continuous slide downhill by the many “scandals”, “Decisions” made or not made, covered up or just plain lied about…. How much longer must we wait???


4. I have a thought on immigration reform….  Why don’t we just buy a ticket to the country of their choice, and send all these “supposed” Americans to their “Ideal” location. Revoke their citizenship since they don’t like it here and think we’re so mean, or selfish… or that we are too stupid to take care of ourselves so the Govt. has to “raise” everyone…  That way we could actually let some of the illegal aliens who DO want to be here to try for the American Dream be able to study and take the Citizenship test and become a citizen. ( But NOT those who expect to move here and have the Govt. take care of them, feed them & give them money not to work. NOT those who just want to come over to kill people because they have a different religion, or believe in different things, & try to force OUR country to become like theirs.  If they like theirs so much, stay there…. don’t come over here with the express thought of “changing” us…  that’s like marrying someone and then trying to form them into a completely different person from who they really are… suppression either way)


5. As most of you know, (if you’ve actually been following my blog & reading rather than just stopping by to hit the like button… good thing there isn’t a “this is a waste of space” button… LOL) anyway, my mother has had some horrible health issues over the last year and a half, in and out of hospitals, then my stepdad died in August and his sons from his first marriage, illegally stole everything from my mother but ONE PENNY.  She had taken care of and loved their dad for the last 32 years. That’s a whole other story…. anyway….. she has had to live in an Assisted Living place..  You know, where they do everything for you because you have health issues and can’t do it for yourself…  I go to spend time with her and just visit, or take her out and about just as a break, or help her with her paperwork and now legal issues.. therefore my fatigue and lack of “me” time, but she’s my mom, so I do it out of love.

Yesterday, one of my favorite little ladies at lived in the same facility, fell and died.  I don’t know how old she was… but she obviously had Dementia and was often confused.  She would tell me “Merry Christmas” a lot, or “Good morning” when it was late afternoon… but most of the people there know me by now since I try to talk to and/or help as many of them as I can while I’m there with mom.  So many of them have NO ONE that ever comes to see them or sends cards.

In Ms. Juanita’s situation…. she has a daughter, in town I think, who hasn’t spoken to her or seen her in over 35 years. Now, she has died and there is no one to go to her funeral… I think she was made a Ward of her Church. I just don’t understand how a child (no matter their age) can just completely cut all ties with a parent, except possibly in a case of abuse. (Which wasn’t her case)  I have another friend, a cute little old lady that I played bridge with until she moved to Texas, and she had a daughter who lived here in town but never spoke to, called or had anything to do with her mom for the last 40 years or so.  She was mad because her mother wasn’t able to giver her everything she wanted when she was in High School so she could try to be in the “In Crowd”… some people are SO selfish, not to mention that they are complete idiots… (Just saying)



You gotta love daisies




My grand-daughter got her face painted like a faerie while her mommy sold her paintings at a festival a couple of weeks ago. LOL



I wait
knowing perfectly well
I am often transparent.
Tears, stunned by
out of control chaotic emotions,
 hold tightly to the absurdity
of possible quiet moments,
of Hope.
As if dreaming in slow motion,
shrouded in angst
waiting patiently
for the unfamiliar silence
and shadows
to quietly suspend time,
and rescue me.
© 2013  Kathryn E. Green
All right’s reserved..

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