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Beach girl

(Picture from Indulgy, photographer unknown)


Life is never guaranteed, and never always exactly as you had hoped it would be, but make the best of the time you have here on Earth….  Don’t let  your “Darkness” will take over, blocking out the “Light”

radical honesty

Well, I know that I’m actually very fortunate to even have health care this year with all the confusion & no one knows up from down, but…..  My reason’s for being ill about it today.

1.  My monthly premiums TRIPLED this year after our illustrious president said we should save about 2,400 a year. Several of those idjeets (old word for idiots) are STILL maintaining the lie that they are helping people. Tell that to the over SIX MILLION people who were booted off their last years plan.

2.  My prescriptions won’t go toward my “out of pocket deductible” …. (that’s what WE have to pay before the begin to help) and the deductibles went up… naturally.

3.  They changed our plans in the middle of January, just because they wanted to, after we signed contracts in late October. Now if you or I had a contract with our work, someone working for us, cable company, cell phone company… (you get the idea)

4. They will pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING toward my Cancer medication unless I change to take the generic. Don’t tell me they’re the same.  I’ve heard that and take many already, I just didn’t want to take it for my Cancer. With generics, they have worked for me in the past, but then one occasion, the generic has NOT worked for me and I had to go back to Name brand. Obviously, with CANCER, I won’t know until it’s too late if it isn’t working.  I’ve been carved up and operated on 5 or 6 times already and would really like to live my life out to see more grandchildren.  I must admit, to find out that my INSURANCE will NOT PAY A PENNY toward my Cancer medication unless I take the generic, is at the very least, maddening.  I think what irritates me the most is that it’s MY body, and I should be able to decide, but here, once again…. I’m being FORCED by my own GOVERNMENT to do what THEY wish, not what I wish.  Isn’t it enough that I have to pay for everyones Birth Control when no one in my family can take it, we have to pay for people to have Abortions… whether we like it or not. and I just found out the other day we have to pay the Dental too… for kids I guess…

I have made peace with myself on those issues… even though I always had to pay for MY Birth Control, girls had to pay for their own Abortions (which made them think twice about it usually), and no one paid my kids dental bills but me, but for them to FORCE me onto generics and say they aren’t going to pay a penny if I get generic, I don’t understand how Obama can say with a straight face that he wants to help people with pre-existing conditions. (I’m sure he knew exactly what he was doing when he set this up… They all have their own insurance and it’s FREE) They are just trying to find ways to have the older generation die off because we are ones who remember the way it was, and know the way it’s suppose to be.  I know, my medicine is $549.00 a month…. now how many among you could pay that along with everything else.  That’s just one pill a day for 30 days…. Oh well…  What goes around comes around and I personally put my Faith in God. He will take me whenever he wants me, and not before….

Obviously, I would love to hear from anyone who has had a good experience with this new Healthcare.





















Live with Passion


What’s different???


My little cat certainly has a life of ease! I think in my next life, that I’ll come back as a house cat rather than a toaster.


Talk about feeling like you “Stand Out” in a crowd. There have been times when I’ve felt lonely or invisible in a crowded room.




I love this tree, yes, those are the roots bubbling up through the ground and creating their own patterns of life beneath the majestic tree itself.  I have wanted to take pictures of it for years now, but never remember to have my camera with me so yes, this was taken on my phone…LOL  I guess people see life (and other things) through different eyes, because I think this is truly a thing of beauty, but my friend who owns the house, and thus the tree in her front yard, can’t stand it.  It’s understandable that she fears someone will trip over one of the roots and fall, but I wish she hadn’t decided to have them all cut off.  I think it will kill the tree, but perhaps not… We shall see….


More of my tree…. When I was small, (before the world of technology) kids actually played outside on ever pretty day. My Grandmother use to tell me stories about fairies, what they looked like, what their powers were, and where they lived. Every time we saw a tree with a hole in the tree or under the tree, she said it was a fairy house. Perhaps that would explain my fascination with trees… but makes me wonder about my fascination of photographing graveyards/grave stones..LOL. This obviously would be an excellent example of a fairy’s dwelling.  I think about her every time I see one….  Memories are wonderful things, but they have to be made while people are alive, so that others can have the memory to hold in their hearts after we’re gone. My personal opinion…. make as many good memories as you can while you have the chance.

Dr William F Walker_1- in carriage

As some of you know, my mother had a stroke Jan. of 2013 and now lives in an Assisted Living facility, and my stepfather (they were married 2 weeks shy of 32 years) was kept by his son for 2 weeks and then placed in another Assisted living facility since I said he couldn’t live alone in my mom’s house. (Apparently I’m just the worlds meanest person) But I told his son who lives here that at 97 1/2, he couldn’t do that.  He had Dementia (beginnings of Alzheimer disease) and that he fell at least 2 or 3 times a week and I couldn’t leave my family to move over there to take care of him cuz I had total responsibility for my mom.  Yes, I adored my step-dad since I had him longer than my real dad, who died young, but I felt like his son’s could help take care of him. I visited him, took mom to visit him once she was well enough to stay out of the hospital, my kids and their families all visited him, and even my little grand-daughter, so it wasn’t like I was neglecting him… Oh well, that’s another story….  But I had the task of cleaning out mom’s house. She had lived there for 42 years, so to say it was a massive job, would not be an exaggeration. (Now I know why my brother and sister moved so far away from home, lol)


ANY WAY, I found some pictures I had never seen before, the above one is a picture of my great-grandfather. Wow, just look how times have changed…  He was a doctor and went to the people’s houses to do house calls in that wagon. Unfortunately, he also became an alcoholic. His father, my great-great-grandfather was a lawyer, and apparently it wasn’t out of line, or should I say, was an accepted practice that the father of the family was the one to make the “ultimate” decision in things…  (For example he “disowned” a few family members (women mostly) if they wanted to marry someone he disapproved of or if they did something he didn’t like.)  Apparently, he passed that custom down the line, so when my grandfather, dropped out of Medical School to go into the Ministry, he was disowned.  (Thus the rarity of pictures of his family)


When I look at some of the old pictures I found, ones I’d never seen before in my entire life, I can’t help but compare his life with that of my grandfather’s, & mine. So many parts of History have been forgotten or re-written, that the majority of people 35 and under, have no idea how life was.  I remember asking my mother if she wore “Hooped skirt dresses” like Scarlett of Gone With the Wind.  LOL… Since she was born until during the Great Depression, that would be a NO… LOL.

Scanned pictures 008

This is a picture of my eldest child, my son, when he was 2. I use to make all of my kids Halloween costumes every year, even though they were not able to have the fun, free, halloween I did growing up.  We always made our own costumes and carried “pillow cases” instead of little pumpkin buckets, on our halloween adventures. Back in the dark ages, when I was, people didn’t even have to worry about locking their doors, to the cars or the houses. All of the kids in our neighborhood were allowed to run free, from house to house, with our trusty flashlight, and we went to every house in the neighborhood. Our pillow cases were at least half full and bulging by the time we made it back home.  I had to walk with my kids and a flashlight every Halloween, and usually…. we even went before it got very late.  My kids never got to play in the front yard of our house, because a sex offender lived down the street.  (He moved in a couple of yrs. after we did, and we were not notified…  I just happened to see him on the website)  I guess it didn’t “damage” my children by not playing outside, but for many children, their creativity is stifled unless they happen to have parents willing to make tents etc, inside the house.


I have so many funny memories from my childhood, that they never even got a chance to experience. 

1.  The time my brother put a frog down my shirt, and in my bed once..  We had bunk beds until my little sister was born, then I shared with her until I got into college…

2.  The time we were playing cowboys and indians and I had an obsession with being an Indian princess at that time, so GUESS who got tied to the tree in the back yard?  That would be me… :D and the LEFT me there and ran off to play at someone else’s house… I was probably about 4 at the time…   Had to yell until my mom heard me and untied the rope to set me free…

3.  When my dad finally built me a “Play house” (probably really a work shop for himself..LOL) and then my brother and a friend peed their names all over the inside. (I didn’t know it would shoot that high actually) Dad had to end up painting over it, but I guess they had great fun…

4. When I was small we only had 3 television stations and they all went off at midnight.  I was maybe 10 or so when we got our first COLOR  TV…. and had to use “Rabbit Ears” as the antenna. No remotes, the kids had to get up and change the station when told to… LOL. I’ll never forget that we were the first people on the block to get a color TV and everyone came over to our house to see what it was like. To see that Peacock (NBC?) spread it’s tail feathers and each was a different color got lots of oohs and awe’s.  Kids today can’t even conceive of having only 3 channels, no remote, and everything was in black and white. No computer’s, no hand held games, no cell phones, in fact we had a “party line” for years, and that was when more than one family used the same line.  You could pick up the phone to call someone and hear someone else’s conversation going on…LOL  What a night-mare.



Amazingly enough, I did actually take this picture. (Still haven’t found the ones I wanted to, so I’m giving up..LOL)


There are so many other memories… I’ll share some next time… but will share some of the photos I have taken lately. Finally got mom’s house cleaned out and sold, furniture stored, all finished!!!  (YEA!!!!!)       






Opinions, Personal thoughts, & Whispers of War

lady in gauzeImage from Indulgy – Artist not listed


Whispers of War

Hear the silent music

secluded and forlorn.

The Faithless masks have fallen

Reality now scorned.

Shrouded in Conviction

the bloodied Hope defies,

with swords and courage raging

they fight on in sunset skies.

The veil of Tears is tainted

and thus blinded by Death’s gore.

Ruthless and destructive

the warriors fight for more.

Truth dispels the Silence

as Hollow prophets shout,

and Death reveals the Imminent,

dressed, in robes of Doubt.

Created understanding

illuminates the Past.

The Truth is often painful

but the knowledge there is vast.

Cruelty lies in Silence

for all the Innocent Souls.

Their vanished Dreams lie dormant

and their memories grow cold.

Their lives methodically taken,

 Their families ripped apart.

Can you not hear the voices

as they whisper in your Heart?

Revenge is thus awaiting

like a beast you feed unknown.

Turn your back, devoured you’ll be

by contemptuous thoughts alone.

Don’t be naive,

 they respect you not,

It’s Hatred they spout

 to create in you,


Their Lies fall easily

from lips unsealed,

to sear the Faithful

as their Evil’s revealed.

© 2014 ~ Kathryn E. Green

*Warrior and girl

Image from Indulgy~ Photographer not listed


Heal the soul

Image listing on the bottom of picture ~ I got it off Indulgy


I wrote this one a couple of weeks ago but just haven’t had time to post it. Home you like it. Children are NOT born with HATRED for others, THAT is TAUGHT, as is bias, religious thoughts and/or expectations, social expectations, culture.

My personal thought is that children not only are TAUGHT Cultural beliefs (I’m not saying that’s wrong), but they also SEE/WATCH the actions of elders and those they hold in high esteem.  I really don’t think that my country (this is MY Opinion) should try to go into another Country to try to “liberate” it and then turn around an leave. I don’t think we should choose sides in their Civil Wars, but at the same time, I don’t feel that other countries should either.   Also, I think any leader who is naive enough to tell the leader of another country that what they are doing is illegal or against some World Decision, when that President doesn’t even respect or abide by his own countries Constitution.  Why should anyone else trust my country, when they see the Govt. deceive the public over and over again and ignore their own the laws of their own country.   I personally find it hard to understand why anyone would believe that words and promises will be kept…. especially under such double standards.

(This is my own opinion, my own thoughts, on war or conflicts, not just on any particular one. Look to history, we can’t change hundreds or thousands of years conflict between other countries. My question is why to we get involved?  Is that our place to do so? Would we want them to come do that here? (It’s bad enough to have so many dishonest leaders as we have now).  We are not “The Supreme Leader”, be that whomever is worshiped in the various countries. I call my guy “GOD”, so I ask…. is it OUR responsibility to judge others as to who is right and who is wrong?

Another thought….. (personal opinion), why would someone continue to plead the 5th and not answer any questions if they were innocent? If copies of the email conversations are in hand, why refuse if you aren’t guilty?  I do not know if this is fact, but I was told that the Department of Justice (Holder) has already told her that nothing is going to happen to anyone involved.  (If that is true, has he judged them as innocent before the truth is told, or is he covering up for himself or someone else?  Just questions that I wonder about.

I must admit, I do find it rather ironic when they want to have OUR Govt. tell us what to do, what to eat., what to teach our children, what kind of insurance we are allowed to have, who will live and who will die (as the panel of NON-MEDICAL people decide if our medications are “COST EFFECTIVE or not)……   I don’t understand when someone runs for an elected office on the premise of making things easier for the people with pre-existing conditions and getting healthcare for the un-insured, while Insurance companies are forced to drop millions of people who were already insured and now can’t get insured. ( Many more than have signed up on the working or not, web site… that # also included many of the prisoners in many states, to make the numbers look better)

Oh well, I cannot solve the world’s problems…. besides the fact that the leaders wouldn’t list, they aren’t honest.  People would be STUNNED at what was stuck into the Health care law that have nothing to do with that…


Oh, by the way…. I know I’m not even close to being perfect thought I do try to be the very best, most honest person I can….. The Athesist can have their own feelings or beliefs, but just because they say they are offended by seeing a CROSS anywhere and it causes them distress… Well, I’m here to tell them, they are deeply offending and distressing ME (who has as many rights as they do) by trying to take the word GOD or any religious symbols from society. WHERE IS THE TOLERANCE THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT ON?????


Little girl big eyes

Image from Indulgy and unfortunately had no links attached that I can publish for them.
I ask everyone to REMEMBER THE CHILDREN, born INNOCENT and their thoughts created by the Society in which they live.
Past and Future


Life just isn’t simple….

Since I’ve been away for a while, I have a million things tumbling through my head… Thoughts I wanted to write, but didn’t.  Opinions I wanted to express or questions I wanted to ask, but didn’t…  Perhaps tomorrow… For now you some new pictures of my babies, otherwise known at pets… LOL

IMG_6761Oh, there’s mom’s hair thing…. my favorite toy!

IMG_6744Let me look to see if it’s in mom’s camera bag? Awe…. Nope!

IMG_6748Well, maybe it went under here?  Nope…..

IMG_6749Darn, I’m gonna pout.  I can’t find it!

IMG_6755OH, here it is!  Wonder if it’s been there all the time?

IMG_6758I’m taking it back to Mom so she can shoot it across the room again. I love this game!

IMG_6751I better run and get it back to her before she leaves the room.  She tries to sneak out so she won’t have to play Fetch with me for 15 minutes.

IMG_6760OOPS, almost dropped it…. That would be bad.

IMG_6752Hurry, hurry.  Shoot it mom, shoot it again!

IMG_6753Well that was a pitiful flick mom.  It didn’t go very far…

IMG_6762I dunno, daddy’s drill cord is starting to look like it might be fun to play with!

IMG_6763What do you mean, “get away from there”? Darn, you are just NO fun mom!

IMG_6767What do you mean I need to just stop and calm down?

IMG_6766You mean lay down like this?  For how long????

IMG_6765OKAY, are you happy now?????

That little adventure was with my little cat Anna. She is part Tabby and part Bengal cat. You can tell better on her stomach and her other side… the dots are more obvious.

IMG_6817My little boy…. another rescue baby!  He was very abused and though he loves it here and I’ve had him for about 5 years, he still won’t take food out of my hand.

IMG_6807This is my big cat, another rescue, who lives on my screened in back porch most days. It’s large and she has plenty of room and comes inside when it’s cold.

Picture was taken through the screen… she won’t hold still in I’m in the same room with her.

IMG_6821Guess it’s gonna start raining again soon. She’s on her back with her mouth open… LOL

Did anyone else hear that story on TV?  When a cat or a dog lays down on their back and opens their mouth that means it’s suppose to rain soon?  Guess we shall see how reliable she turns out to be… LOL


Facing Desolation ~ Poetry with images by Marcelo Leonard

Facing Desolation

Marcelo's house picture


The light burns bright


though the darkness,

and evil, surround us.

It peeks through the windows, & cracks,

as it tries to destroy all Light & Hope

that dwells within us.

I admit that I believe

we are all made to carry a beautiful light within our Soul,

even though there are times

when we must face darkness & evil

it’s un-relenting in it’s tries to extinguish all Hope & Inner Light.

Difficult to deter,

it claws repeatedly at the cracks in our Faith,

& windows to our Souls.

It seeps like a thief in the night under doors & through cracks

shrouding us when we venture out.

It tries all possible ways to steal our Hopes

Dreams & any possible chance we have of Happiness or Success.

We must be ever vigilant,

regardless the personal pain,

to not let the evil, hatred, & darkness,

steal inside,

to shroud & suffocate not only our Hope, Happiness & Inner Light

but that of others.

When times seem to be the bleakest,

when we feel abandoned and alone,

remember, this is the path they want us walk,

those who have already sold their souls.

They want us to joint them on the path to destruction.

It isn’t the only path available to us.

 Marcelo's picture - split paths

In life there are always choices.

A fork in the road, other avenues we may take, other paths to walk.

The choices we make

affect not only ourselves, but others.

Often our choices, like throwing a pebble into a pond,

sends ripples away from the rock’s splash, sinking point.

We often never know how our decisions will affect others,

even those Souls we do not know, or realize will be touched by OUR decision.

Think carefully about your Soul, you Faith, your Beliefs.

For many of us they are different….

I realize this,

however I personally feel that though

(my)God says He forgives us all

if we are honest in our appeals for forgiveness,

does NOT mean there will be no Consequences to face.

Like any parent who loves their child,

my personally feeling is that though God forgives them,

He will not let them go unpunished.

Only He can decide their punishment for any perceivable wrong doing.

Yet just as we, as parents, love our children,

if they are never made to face consequences of their actions,

they would most likely be repeated again and again.

Naturally, we still love them as they are part of us,

but consequences are a natural part of life.

Why is Self Responsibility no longer required of our citizens?


(c) Kathryn Elizabeth Green 2013

copyrighted, all rights reserved


 (Images by my good friend Marcelo Leonard, also copyrighted)

Check out more of his work here:
I’m sure I didn’t really do your beautiful work justice marcelo.
I’m just in “one of those moods” where I’m disappointed by the Injustice
that seems to be the norm these days.
IMG_2521(one of my own photos (c) 2013)

Blessings to Everyone!

Stupid People, Photography, Poetry & Humor

I have been wanting to get online to give my opinion on several issues I consider to be STUPID, LOL, but never seem to have time.

Today I’m going to try to start and keep it in Draft until I can finish… Hope that works.

Now I’ll be honest, I have a really difficult time dealing with STUPID people or people doing STUPID things…LOL.  (By STUPID people, I mean those who are choosing to be STUPID, in my opinion).

Being outlawed from a state????

Well New York State won’t see me any time too soon.  I just think that was one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard.  Meaning the guys in public office up there saying that their state doesn’t want or need any Conservative  people. Hummm… I’m wondering when the SMART people are gonna move out?  Silly me, I thought money was money, and money from tourist was just as good as that of anyone else.


I don’t consider myself Republican or Democrat but I HAVE voted both parties more than once.  I thought maybe I was Independent, but by that I mean I vote on how I feel about the Issue or the Person (what they’ve said & done), but I could be wrong.  Even though I do find myself agreeing with many things the TEA PARTY appears to want changed or statements they’ve issued, I don’t know that they have one clear list of things you have to do or be to be in the TEA PARTY. But then I honestly don’t the Democratic Party or the Republican Party has a list of do’s and don’t either, yet EVERYONE seems to be attacking the TEA PARTY calling them terrorists, among other STUPID, RIDICULOUS, names. How childish!

Legalization Marijuana:

Okay, naturally I can only give my opinion based on my own personal experiences and NOT how STATES HAVE VOTED or the RESEARCH they drag out. I heard someone say on TV that there have been NO DEATHS related or caused by MJ (marijuana). Well, when I was in High School (granted that was in the 70′s) the best looking guy in the whole school climbed up on top of the school building (we had about 5 building there, very old, mostly at least 3 stories) and jumped off thinking he could fly…. so say the other kids that were with him at the time.  Naturally he couldn’t fly, but he could SPLAT.

Unless things have seriously changed, which I doubt, when they say smoking MJ doesn’t hurt you at all, they must be STUPID.  When I was in college, I knew several people who illegal smoked MJ on a pretty frequent basis, and over the 4 years I was there, they just became more and more STUPID.   I certainly wouldn’t have dated or married one of those guys cuz after a couple of years, they couldn’t string along a decent sentence, couldn’t and didn’t really care to understand what was going on in life.  They were boring!!!!  (and many of those had children with diminished mental capabilities.. as I saw in my 33+ years of working in t he public school system.  It seriously does damage your brain cells, but you’ll never convince a smoker of that,…..  cuz….. they do it, so they can’t see it.

The Blame Game:

Now we all know that as a general rule, I almost always disagree with my own President. I try to respect the office itself, but it’s difficult for me to Respect this Administration when they don’t Respect the American Public.  Just my opinion, but no one ever seems to assume responsibility. The people at the top of whatever department or the country, never seems to have a clue about what happens, who did what, who told what… ya da, ya da, ya da.

This morning I heard that now Obama is blaming everything (not being able to get his message out or understood) on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, & others I can’t remember right now.  We REALLY do have a CONSTITUTION, even though we have many that just ignore it… It doesn’t seem to apply to them. They just ignore it and go along and do what they want without bothering to tell the truth, go through Congress or the Senate. In my opinion, with all the “give aways”, (you know what I’m talking about) they have effectively made the general public 40 and under…. become very needy, lazy, STUPID people.  The bad thing is of course it isn’t everyone, just a large majority, but the govt. is happy as a bed bug … couldn’t be happier.  The public can’t seem to understand that the more they depend on the government, the lower their IQ goes…  They become the Entitlement Society.  Well anyone who disagrees with their opinions, is now CONDEMNED, BERATED, Targeted by the IRS, … etc.
Sad to me…

Court system:

You know your country is in BIG trouble when a teenager kills people (more than one) in a drunk driving, texting, or talking on the phone while driving incident and the JUDGE says it wasn’t his fault because he was so used to being spoiled and having his way, that we can’t expect him to drive normally, like NORMAL people.  Okay, my opinion…. someone there is STUPID.


Quickly, I’ll say even though my insurance premiums tripled for this year and hardly anything counts toward my deductible (so I’ll probably never even reach that), at least I have insurance.  I keep hearing of the millions of people who have been dropped by their Insurance companies. (I thought the point was to SAVE money and COVER more people) My hair dresser was dropped from her Insurance company and now her NEW INSURANCE PREMIUMS went up to $900+ a month for JUST ONE PERSON.  And I feel really sorry for all the people who have tried to or wanted to try to get Obamacare. The website is a TOTAL DISASTER… after having had THREE YEARS to prepare.  The poor people who have had to go to the hospital or a doctor have no idea if they are covered or not, neither do the Hospitals or Doctors…. and that doesn’t even count all the people that supposedly tried to sign up but only got far enough to have all their information out there, waiting to be hacked, and still weren’t able to get to the Insurance part. Did you notice they kept the cost and who would or would not get the subsidies until the END. I wonder if they’ve changed that. Just curious…



Didn’t get any and oddly enough….. NO ONE was responsible.  Even those who flat out lied (no mis-speaking here) by continuing for 2 weeks to blame it on some remote youtube video that no one knew about….  Especially when it’s been proven that EVERYONE, including the Administration, knew within the first 6 hours or so. Still no answers for the families of the fallen though…


Have you seen that sorta new TV show called NAKED AND ALONE or something like that. Two complete strangers are taken out to some bizarre location, naked, and they have to survive for 30 days I think.  WHO THINKS OF THESE SHOWS…. and honestly, I have to wonder WHAT PEOPLE ARE GONNA WANT TO TO THIS AND BE FILMED WHILE DOING IT?


I could go on and on, but I can’t do anything to really change what’s going on, so why let it upset me. In that case…. I’ll just post some of my latest pictures…. Hope I didn’t ruin my camera actually, I forgot and left it in my car overnight.



She almost looks innocent doesn’t she?  LOL   I had just asked her if she beat up her sister last night while they were in the laundry room together cuz it was about 14 degrees outside last night.


Why spend money on toys when her favorite thing to do is steal my ponytail holders… LOL


Looks like she has almost killed this one.  She especially likes the fuzzy ones. We play fetch. I shoot it down the hallway and she runs to get it and then returns with it in her mouth and drops it right by me so I can do it again.  LOL



Remember these?  LOL  This one was my Grandmother’s, but I learned to type on one just like it. LMAO


Look at those jeans, and that HAIR!!!!   ROTFLMAO   Me apx. 1988…


Wishing you all a very BLESSED weekend, week, month… etc.


Words of Wisdom….

I am ME


never apologise for yourself

Being older you piss people off

radical honesty

Final decision & consequences

Be a Grownup


Hush puppy


Enjoy your week….

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"La cucina è amore e buon cibo . Sta al cuoco farlo divenire ottimo."

Miss Lou Acquiring Lore

Gallery of Life...


Know the world around you

As My Camera Sees It

A 365 day photo journey through 2014

Sheri de Grom

From the literary and legislative trenches.

Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera

... about nothing in particular, because "Candid photography is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get". Photography by Lignum Draco, "The Wood Dragon" since 2013.

Robertson Writes

The Art of Storytelling

I didn't have my glasses on....

A trip through life with fingers crossed and eternal optimism.

Where Words Daily Come Alive

A Word Press Blog Which Will Make You Smile

A Good Blog is Hard to Find

I will shatter a word and scatter the contents into the wind to share it with the world.

Ceci Giltenan, Author

Characters with character

keris journal

A dandilion.... can either mean one hundred weeds or one hundred wishes!

Me, My Magnificent Self

Sharing my experiences... awakening and living in the new energy consciousness...


Let the good times roll!

Me and the Boss 2013

Motivation and life......lived and loved one day at a time.

Kindness Blog

Kindness Changes Everything...

Jami Gray's Blog

Award Winning Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy with a killing edge.

All Food Cooking Recipes

The Original European Cooking Recipes. All Cooking Recipes. All Continental Recipes. All Mexican Recipes. Italian Recipes.

Blog of an e-marketer by Main Uddin

Professional Blogger Main Uddin Has Expressed Few Moments of Blogging Life

Painting Pundit

A Rambling Paintbrush

Stephanie Hurt - Author/Accountant/Children's Minister

This site confirms all things are possible through God!

The Introspective Introvert

and the words where twisted into something uniquely her's


Christian News and Encouragement


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the hour of soft light...

How do I know what I think until I see what I say? (E.M. Forster)

PICZLoad pics a la carte

Watchout Loud and Have PICBliss!

Delightful Oak

Christ, Marriage, Family, Philosophy, Art


Insights into Astrology

Photos That Inspire Words

Photographers Show off Their Photos To Inspire Writers to Write!

Life of a Minister Mom

Connecting. Sharing. Growing. Embracing the Woman Within!


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