I just love this from my very good friend…. Blessings to all for the Holiday season. To me, It’s Christmas and more of a religious holiday than a gift giving holiday. Sending hugs and blessings to all…. <3

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NSA-proof: Putin Gifts China’s President Russian YotaPhone2


If you haven’t read any of Lada Ray’s Books , information, or explinations of many “moves” in the political world that we don’t understand, you should definitely check out her Futurist Trendcast or her Lada Ray Blog…

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This is part 2 of Russia’s Asia Pivot Sealed: Putin and Xi Jinping Sign New Gas Mega-Deal Via Altai Western Route.

We could all use one!

While in Beijing, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented China’s President  Xi Jinping with Russia’s answer to smartphone, dual-screen YotaPhone2. Rumor has it that Russian politicians, industry executives, and military use this phone because it cannot be broken into by NSA.

In the video, Xi Jinping remarks that it’s a great gift and asks Putin if they’ll also have a deal about YotaPhone2 in addition to the gas deals they’ve signed. Putin assures him that the phone deal is coming.

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Butterfly Bows

girl in red dress

Butterfly Bows

Butterfly shadows

mark Crimson hands.

Imprinting Souls

with cuts and bands .

Torn bleeding hearts

now held at bay,

with bright, blood red hands

the butterflies stay.

Words falling gently

off lips and through lies

struggles containing

the absence of Wise.

Woven like ribbons

of satin and silk

the Truth and it’s Freedom

turn sour as milk.

Fright holds the heart

as sanguine blood flows,

from punctures and cracks,

she makes butterfly bows.

© Kathryn. E. Green 2012 all rights reserved


I realize this picture doesn’t really go with this poem particularly, but I have apparently deleted the one I was looking for, and I like this one so… there you go.

I wrote this poem about a former student I did some counseling with years ago. She was a cutter, who would cut herself on her body to watch the blood flow out as she thought it was the only way to get the pain from her body.  It was the only thing she felt she was able to, or allowed, to control in her life.   This poem was about how she would make pictures from her bloody hands that looked like butterflies or bows.  I did run into her again a few years later and she had  gone through extensive counseling and was now able to to control those urges. She was writing a book for young teens at that time, that she hoped would help them to understand what they were doing and why. (Don’t ask, I don’t remember the name, sorry)


Image of woman - Indulgy

Yea!!!!  Elections are over, for the most part, for the next year or so perhaps my phone will not burn up with political calls.  No, I never answer them, and I don’t join one party or the other, but I do donate my small amounts to a few of the delegates I liked or agreed with.  Oddly enough, I think the majority of the ones I chose were not even from my state, I just liked them for their character and/or policies.  I’m VERY happy that we got several women in this time, several ex-military and business men who will hopefully be able to break the grid-lock we were suffering under. The Congress was bad mouthed all the time (no, I’m not saying they were perfect, by far…) when in reality they send hundreds of bills over to the Senate and Harry Reid wouldn’t even allow them to come up for a vote, much less get to the President… even if he would have vetoed… he might have considered talking and trying to give a little, take a little… COMPROMISE…  (But, that’s just my opinion and they surely wouldn’t want me in Washington, and I surely wouldn’t ever want to have to do the Presidents job, no matter how much I disagree with his policies. It would be nice if more of them were more open minded though, in my opinion)




I love all the fall colors, but it’s gonna be cold here again this weekend.


Katya curious # 6

Where’s my daddy?

Katya curious # 5

Katya curious # 4

Yep, she’s a “Daddy’s girl”


Cicero was a very wise man….




“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murder is less to fear.”

~ Marcus Tullius Cicero


Random thoughts from a Ghost

“To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice.” ~ Confucius


Caught that bee coming in for a landing…LOL


Well, hello again! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to actually post anything of my own.  Each time I get on to try to catch up on reading all the blogs I enjoy, it takes hours, which I usually don’t have to spare. By the time I’m finished reading, I’m so tired I just want to get off and get moving… Sorry I’ve been so slow. I know it’s seems I’m a ghost… and some days I truly feel like it.  :D



I just like this one …. from my time at the beach.

As some may notice, I periodically go back and delete some of my older posts…. no reason really other than I feel like it at the time and they’re just sitting there collecting dust. :D. I’ve also tried to delete any pictures/photos from other artists (except Marcello) that I may have used to accompany my attempts at poetry.  Many were very old and I was not able to link back to the artist or photographer. I felt like, only to be fair, I’d delete them all, so you may see where some are “missing”.



A beautifully restored (I think still used) old Primitive church in Cade’s Cove.


I’ve been trying to go through my pictures on my computer so I can delete duplicates, so haven only knows what that has done to any of my blogs…lol, however, I thought I’d post just a few of my own pictures that when I found them again, I liked for one reason or another. Hope you enjoy them, remember I have none of the cool software to manipulate the photos as I’d like cuz my computer is close to an antique. LOL



My grandmother use to tell me about fairies living in lush, green forest when I was a child. This reminded me of the image I had in my head.  Didn’t see any fairies this trip, but then it was pretty hot to be outside.


Smile, and remember each day is a new day! (I have had two new caps put in this week, oh yippee.  I told my dentist that he was actually putting my “new ipad” in my mouth as I had to pay him over $800 that could have gone for a new ipad, alas… not meant to be. : (  Now I can’t eat my favorite Halloween candy either because it’s peanut butter taffy.  With my luck, it would snatch those caps right back off… I have to give them time to decide they are in there for good first.


xmas 06 =- Katya's beautiful face...

My granddaughter’s grand adventure with her first toy box. They ended up all over the floor, and she ended up inside the toy box.

The pictures are random, like my thoughts seem to be lately…LOL  Oh, finally got the legal issues (Civil ones) of my mothers case underway, so waiting for all “hell to break loose” on that front.  It would be such a nice surprise if they didn’t become furious. I hate that it has had to come to this, but after 32 years of marriage, my mother deserves what my step-dad wanted her to have. He would be rolling over in his grave if he knew how the treated my mother and then robbed her of all that was left to her. She lost her hearing, sense of balance and part of her vision due to the stroke.  They had no right to steal from her or put her through the emotional cruelty that they did during all of 2013.  Still haven’t gotten around to the criminal issues, but hope to soon.



At the Beer Brewery….  A restaurant in Charlotte, NC where they brew their own beer.



My baby



Just relaxin’ on the bed while mom reads…

*Old picture conglomeration 637




Oh, and NOW they’ve decided that smoking pot can cause Cognitive disability in teens. I have been trying to tell people that for years… no one believed me. My opinion was just formed from being around so many kids in High School and college who smoked pot a lot and eventually began to have trouble with simple sentences, not to mention they were boring as all get out. (But that was just from my experiences) I’m all for it medicinally, and as an adult with a fully developed brain, if you decide to do that, that’s your business, just don’t do it around me please.








I know not everyone enjoys Halloween, and if you’re one of those people, you will need to STOP right here and not look at the other pictures. These are Halloween through the years. I made most of the ones for my son and daughter, yes, that was my wedding dress that I cut down to her size so she could be a bride that year. Needless to say, they are not all here, but enough to celebrate Halloween.  Unfortunately, Grandma was too far away from my little grand-daughter to make hers.

IMG_0310No, he wasn’t too happy about his costume… LOL

Pictures from laptop 2009 056


Indian Amanda


Scanned pictures 008


Old picture conglomeration-41

Yes, it honestly was my wedding dress before.  She absolutely loved it.

Pictures from laptop 2009 113

He didn’t like being the little Angel too much either. He usually smiles all the time. LOL

Amanda in the 50's


Halloween Amanda (5-6) & Johnathon


Katya as Ladybug by Punpkin 10-2005


little Devil


Kathy close up on halloween2006


Katya on Halloween


Life is just a “Walk in the Park” right?


The groom’s mom & my grand-daughter.

I have just returned from my nephews wedding a couple of states away, and haven’t felt so great this week.  I have tried to comment of as many of your blogs as possible, but I know I’m terribly far behind, so please bear with me.

While out of town for the wedding, I was able to see my brother’s little grandson for more than 15 minutes. LOL We walked to a park about a block away from his house and let him play for a while.  Children seem to have such boundless energy… I will mention that instead of just the ground or saw dust under the playground equipment, they had shredded pieces of old tires.  It made it springy when you walked on it and if the kids fell down, they were less likely to get hurt.  I’m sure some of you know of this already, but I had never seen it before (and I worked in Elementary schools for 30 years) and thought it was such a cool idea.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I wonder when we all lost the INNOCENCE OF CHILDREN ?????

Scanned pictures 1-29-11 039

Before video games, when the kids would play outside all day without fear of being snatched. We had rope swings, played hide and seek, pretended we were cowboys &/or Indians (Yes, that is when my brother tied me to a tree with rope… and left me there), we played dress up in the bags used by cleaners cuz they printed Disney dressed on them(just imagine me running around in a white, crinkly, cleaners bag pretending to be Cinderella we only had to cut holes for neck and arms, one of the most fun things we did was pull off LONG streamers of toilet paper and watch it curl up in a spiral as it was lifted up to through the attic fan, we even walked around the lake & went fishing. All things that kept us busy back then for hours, or at least until dinner. Until mom or dad rang the dinner bell or whistle for us (yes, like dogs..LOL).


Oh, still looking for a new (to me) house…. Seems like my hubby and I just can’t agree.  Guess I’ll never be able to get an old house like I’d like.  Oh well… What is life without COMPROMISE?


I am needed elsewhere so need to go… Wishing everyone a wonderful week as we go through an try to live each day as if it were our last. Don’t rush through your life… if you do, you look back and see that you have missed SO much!


Football, Pet Peeves, & Growing older all with Humor

Have you ever tried to hold in a giggle or a smile?

It’s really harder than you might think.


My kind of cat

Now THIS is MY kind of cat!  :D


It’s finally FRIDAY!!!!!!  Yippee….

cat on fench - Indulgy

I’ve thought several times this week to try to take the time to write something in my blog….  What can I say?  I’ve spent 4 days out of 5 with my mom… which have been nice days, but as my kids tell me….” there are times mom when you act like Grand-mother”… OH MY GOSH, while I love my mom 100%, there are several “habits” or “behaviors” that accompany her personality that I REALLY don’t want to have.  I begged my kids to tell me cuz I really don’t want to drive them crazy when I get older.  Yikes……

What if I fall?

(I just love this picture, have no idea where it came from, but it’s perfect in my opinion!)


They were NO help what so ever….. Sooooo, I thought I’d just post blurbs, pet peeves, photography, and favorite posters.


photo BP

Just in case any of you wanted to know about Blood Pressure numbers…..

(My mom has Orthostatic blood-pressure…..  Where you BP changes depending if you’re sitting, standing, or laying down.  It’s annoying, and can be tricky cuz it can easily cause one to loose consciousness or blackout.

Car horn

This I would LOVE to do so I could honk at all those idiots who NEVER use their BLINKERS! They are NOT  optional, they are put there FOR A REASON! This is obviously a pet peeve since I spend way too much time waiting for cars in the other lane, coming toward me, to pass me so I can turn left.  If I KNEW they were gonna turn left I could have surely made the turn without incident.


Just because I love my country, even though I do sometimes disagree with some (okay, the majority) of our leaders.  But then, since I don’t get the money they’re paid…. I try to be “Concerned” about things instead of “Worrying” about things, especially if it’s something I cannot change.


Fairy Tales - Einstein

This is SO true!  You would be amazed at how many kids come to school without ever having heard a single fairytale.  The have distinct problems trying to use their imagination to write “pretend” stories….

They just have NO imagination!



check the box - Indulgy

It’s good to set a few GROUND RULES in a relationship before diving in!


Life is a memory about to happen

Life is filled with Memories….. Try to make as many GOOD ones as you can.  One day they will be all that’s left.


Don't judge her-God

Do NOT let yourself JUDGE others!

You never know what they’re going through at home, work, in their personal life, or faith.

Everyone is NOT the same…. Only those who live in glass houses can throw stones.


Happy Book Victim

Well, I’m going to go READ and enjoy my evening.


Tomorrow is FOOTBALL…. yeah…


Go Big Blue (Univ. of Michigan) – my hubby

Go Yellow Jackets (Georgia Tech) – my father

Go Dogs (Univ. of Georgia) – too many people in the family to list…LOL

Go Tigers – Auburn – (my sister)

Go Game Cocks – University of South Carolina – my son & his wife… my daughter for Masters

I’m probably leaving someone out but…..

My favorite NFL is The Detroit Lions…. CALVIN JOHNSON aka MEGATRON is my absolute favorite.

(Nope, never met him, but he played for Ga. Tech, and he always seems so level headed in interviews.)



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